Managing Your Wealth

Our advisors have access to over 25,000 financial products giving our clients the ability to diversify and maximize their portfolios regardless of the financial climate.

Before taking any new steps, our duty to all clients is to evaluate their current holdings and positions to establish what is performing and/or meeting expectations and also what holdings if any, need to be replaced, updated or released. Our objective is to cleanse your current portfolio of non-performing investments. Once this has been completed we will then discuss possible financial vehicles that will compliment your financial strategy.

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning is possibly one of the most crucial investments you make in the course of your working life and it is for this reason we apply significant research and understanding to your specific requirements and objectives when discussing your retirement years. After calculating the required income that is necessary to achieve for your retirement, it is then down to us to make sure you achieve that goal and your financial strategy is robust enough to cover any eventualities in the meantime.

Savings & Investments
Falcon Financial Management understands that it is not enough to simply leave your savings in a bank account. In today’s current climate the chances of beating inflation with your savings is very slim and is definitely not a financial strategy Falcon Financial would present.

If you are looking for short term deposit, or a medium to long term solution our advisors have access to the most current resources and information to guide you in the right direction. Our Retail Banking division is set up directly to provide access to all market and sectors globally so investing on your local markets or internationally is just a phone call away.

Private Banking Services
Our Private Banking facilities are available to all clients who are looking for an added layer of diversity and have assets they are looking to protect. Access to local and offshore banking can be provided at your convenience and our introductory service is there to place your assets with the most suitable institution available. Private Banking is usually the route High Net Worth individuals protect their wealth and reduce tax liabilities. This is now something we offer all qualifying clients. Speak with an advisor today to see whether our Private Banking solutions are right for you.

Venture Capital
By partnering with companies that are looking for Growth Capital (Venture Capital) we offer our clients the ability to make high return investments with the security in knowing that all research, due diligence and risk assessment has been carried out by professionals with access to the best resources available.

Through our partners we have a long and established link to providing VC financing to companies globally that require additional funds to achieve the next level of growth.

For more information on Venture Capital opportunities, please contact us.

Education Fee Planning Services
Education is one of the most valuable gifts a parent or grandparent can provide their family and it is becoming increasingly more expensive as the years go by. The costs of education are rising roughly between 5-7% per annum for private schools globally with European countries seeing this increase far more quickly than their North American counterparts. Speak with one of our advisors if you are looking to set up an education plan/ fund for the future.